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Why Choose a Professional !?

Fridge Scratches Stainless Steel

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     DIY KIT Gone Wrong!

This customer was extremely unhappy when he used a "DIY" Kit

 STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT It will ruin your appliance! I read all the reviews and warnings and thought to myself "these people are doing it wrong" , "they clearly do not have a true stainless steel appliance", "how hard is it to follow directions", "these people are stupid", etc., but boy was I wrong. I did everything correctly and it ruined my very expensive refrigerator. The tiny scratches that my OCD would not let me ignore are now 1000x worse. There is a huge blemish in the area where the scratches used to be. Now I have to pay for a new door and installation.   Please do not be like me. Don't think you will do anything differently. Trust me and do not buy this product.  STAY AWAY!

• Don't live with ugly scratches!  


• Don't make your appliance worse trying to fix it yourself!                


• Don't make costly mistakes like this customer!

Let us know how we can help by filling out the How Can We Help?  on the contact page.  

You get what you pay for!

This customer was not impressed with a "do it yourself" kit!

My daughter slid magnets on our new refrigerator which caused multiple thin scratches. Although we could only see them up close and at an angle, it bothered me enough that I thought I'd try this product. I completely regret it... now I'm hiding the area with a paper so I don't see how much worse my brand new fridge looks.

Stainless Steel fridge repair

We can help you fix your mistakes!

Satinless Steel Fridge Repair

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•  Use the wrong Cleaner?


•  Abrasive pad?

•  Drop a jar and crack the fridge interior?

•  Water Stains?

•  Scratch your stove top?

•  Other?

 Our staff will be happy to assist you with your needs!                                                                                       

Let us know how we help by filling out the How Can We Help?  on the contact page.  

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